Kauri Honkakoski Company is a physical theatre company with its’ artistic roots in Corporeal Mime. We create exquisitely intense shows with expressive movement and touching themes. Based in Helsinki, Finland, we work and tour internationally.

Here you will find information about our upcoming shows such as HINTERLAND, opening in Helsinki in September 2023; or touring shows, such as THE DESK which won the Scotsman Fringe First award at Edinburgh Fringe 2019.


Picture on top of the page: Julia Johansson, Liv Meijer Nordgren, Kauri Honkakoski, Freia Stenbäck & Josefin Karlsson in THE DESK.

Picture below: Ruben Nagore Santandreu, Oona Jama, Freia Stenbäck, Sonja Järvisalo, Liv Meijer Nordgren, Valter Sui in HINTERLAND. Photo: Laura Vuoma.