Reetta Honkakoski has been teaching Corporeal Mime and physical theatre since 2010: as the assistant teacher at the Theatre de L’Ange Fou International School of Corporeal Mime in London (2011-2013), at the Novia University of Applied Sciences (2010-2015) and Uni Arts Open Campus in Finland, plus numerous workshops for actors, dancers and circus artists internationally.

Corporeal Mime is an independent performing art form between dance and theatre. It is a poetic form of physical theatre and an acting technique for physical actors. At the heart of Corporeal Mime is the idea of expressing the whole spectrum of humanity through the body, from concrete physical work to the abstract realm of thought and dreams.

Honkakoski has been praised for her deep understanding of physical theatre, and a warm pedagogical approach.

***Comprehensive course with brilliantly planned-out content!***
***Inspiring, high-quality teaching!***
***I loved how practical and concrete the training was.***


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