I am Kauri Honkakoski (they/them), the artistic director of Kauri Honkakoski Company. I work in close, organic collaboration with Sound Designer Tuuli Kyttälä and Lighting Designer Sisu Nojonen. The cast changes according to the needs of the project. The Company works and tours internationally.

I have specialized in the art of Corporeal Mime, having trained for seven years at Theatre de L’Ange Fou’s School and Company in London. Corporeal Mime can be seen as one of the trendsetters of physical theatre in Europe.

Making a show to me is a kinesthetic journey into metaphors, imagination, memories and the subconscious. My shows have been called magical, touching and talented.

Corporeal Mime is a poetic form of physical theatre and an acting technique for physical actors. At the heart of Corporeal Mime is the idea of expressing the whole spectrum of humanity through the body, from concrete physical work to the abstract realm of thought and dreams.

For me Corporeal Mime is a language of expression, with which I make my inner world visible. Through it I capture something unique about the human experience, something I cannot reach through other means. Something essential, deep, and shared.