Premiering in October 2019 at Jacksons Lane, London 

A girl, three bears and the power of imagination: this is a disjointed tale of growing up in a society run by men.

Set in the surreal state between waking and sleep, this hypnotic show explores the subversive capacity of the subconscious in transforming our world.

Kauri Honkakoski Company, known for their exquisitely intense shows, collaborate with a talented international cast of Corporeal Mime actors. Hypnagogia premiers this October 2019 at Jacksons Lane in London and soon after in Helsinki, Finland.

ARTISTIC TEAM: Director: Kauri Honkakoski / On Stage: Ramon Ayres (Br / UK), Ruben Nagore (Sp / Fin), Andres Velasquez (Col / UK) and Kauri Honkakoski / Lighting Design: Sisu Nojonen / Sound Design: Tuuli Kyttälä / Dramaturgical support: Jarkko Lehmus / Photo: Vilma Pimenoff

Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kone Foundation, Föreningen Konstsamfundet, London Finnish Institute,  Jacksons Lane, Physical Fest Liverpool