Dancers Katri Soini, Tommi Haapaniemi, Virpi Juntti & Pia LIski.
The Soiree

Premiering in September 2021. Commissioned by Gruppen Fyra.

The Soiree (Juhlat),  is a show about the fear of life, and about dancing on the ruins of the world. 

The inward-turned world of four people is coloured by desperately clinging to the past: something has ended a long time ago, but they are unable to let go. Time drags forward unsteadily, and the four grow older in their dilapidated epoch. 

The Soiree is a dark, but humorous show combing physical and dance theatre. The tragicomic image of humanity depicted in the work draws inspiration from the heritage of Eugène Ionesco and Samuel Beckett.

The piece was commissioned by the Helsinki based dance company Gruppen Fyra and directed by international award-winning physical theatre director and Corporeal Mime artist Kauri Honkakoski.


ARTISTIC TEAM: Director: Kauri Honkakoski / Performers: Tommi Haapaniemi, Virpi Juntti, Pia Liski, Katri Soini / Light Design: Sisu Nojonen / Sound Design: Tuuli Kyttälä / Costume and Set Design: Kauri Honkakoski & Sisu Nojonen / Video: Jonathan Rankle / Photos: Noomi Ljungdell / Production: Gruppen Fyra

Premiered at Kanneltalo, Helsinki September 2021, The Soiree has toured to the Full Moon Dance Festival, Laiks Dejot Dance Festival in Riga, Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth in Helsinki, and Sakala 3 Teatrimaja in Tallinn.

SUPPORTED BY: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Helsinki City, Kanneltalo, Dance school DCA