Premiering 13.10.2018 Helsinki, (Kanneltalo & Stoa)

A Show about Us who are at the Same Time, Here

TÄÄLLÄ / HERE is a multi-volume piece of physical theatre. It is a portrait of humanity drawn on the edge of the world.

The director, Corporeal Mime artist Kauri Honkakoski has assembled the cast from professionals and amateurs of different ages. The cast has been working through physical theatre with the themes of closeness, encountering another, and togetherness in a shared surroundings.

The piece fills the stage with community: memories of people walking by, stories our bodies carry, experiences we imagined.

Here we are – on the carousel of time, wandering constantly lugging our shells from place to place, looking for a touch, helping one another, waiting on the platform for ourselves to arrive.

Performances at Kanneltalo and Stoa, Helsinki: 13.-28.10.2018

ARTISTIC TEAM: Director: Kauri Honkakoski / Lighting Design: Sisu Nojonen / Sound Design: Tuuli Kyttälä / Director’s assistant: Sanna Breilin /  Photos: Ahmed Alalousi / Producer: Asta Teräväinen

On Stage: Omar Albajare, Suvi Baloch, Ylva Edlund, Lea Jormakka, Sonja Järvisalo, Kaija Leikas, Eero Lösönen, Heikki Mahlamäki, Mahmood Nadim, Ruben Nagore, Riikka Niemistö, Marja Parviala, Vesa Purokuru, Miia Raitakangas, Freia Stenbäck, Valter Sui, Christina Turtiainen, Julia Ulkuniemi and Kari Varso.

Production: Kauri Honkakoski Company in Collaboration with Cultural Centres Kanneltalo and Stoa Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Föreningen Konstsamfundet, Oskar Öflund Foundation