A physical theatre show about the incidental in life, (Teater Casa, 2015) 

Bortovaro / Absence was born in the fall of 2015 when unprecedented numbers of asylum seekers arrived in Europe.

The piece was created from and around the Nobel Prize winning Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska’s poems. It became a dream-like show about the incidental in life, and all the things that could have been.

A few minor changes
and my mother might have married
Mr. Zbigniew B from Zdunska Wola.
And if they’d had a daughter – she wouldn’t have been me.

ARTISTIC TEAM: Director: Kauri Honkakoski / Lighting Design: Sisu Nojonen / On Stage: performing arts students from Novia University of Applied Sciences Janica Karell, Kaisa Lallukka, Andreas Lindblom, Sannah Nedergard, Maritta Nieminen, Heidi Rautoma, Ida Tornroos, Marja Vuori, Julia Åman / Photos: Martin Karlsson

PREMIER: Vaasa, Finland 2015 (Teater Casa)

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