Hors Lits Helsinki

Ursula10 (kopio)

Kauri Honkakoski Company is part of the artist community Hors Lits Helsinki.

International performance concept Hors Lits takes art into private homes and apartments in various cities. Founded in Montpellier in 2005, the network has been rewriting the intimate by opening alternative spaces between artists, inhabitants and spectators.

The first Hors Lits Helsinki was organized in August / September 2018 by a group of local artists, Kauri Honkakoski Company being one of them. These photos are from a short piece Ursulan piinajainen which was performed on the balcony and watched through the windows of a private apartment.

Concept & performer: Kauri Honkakoski / Outside eye: Ruben Nagore / Photos: Sanna Breilin

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