A Physical Theatre Show about Constant Transformation of Life

Metamorfoser was born in the snowy winter of 2016 when my body was being sculpted and shaped by a little person growing inside of me.

The starting point for creation was the unstoppable metamorphosis of our inner world and surroundings. The cast studied the life of plants, developmental stages of insects, the abrasion of stones, growth of trees, devision of cells, life cycle of stars, water crystals, slow transformation of a human into another. The end result was a type of a proposal for  perceiving the world: a vision where plants, stones, animals and humans are one, all part of an eternal voyage.

ARTISTIC TEAM: Directing: Kauri Honkakoski / Lighting Design: Sisu Nojonen / On Stage: Performing arts students from Novia University of Applied Sciences Milda Grublyte, Marlena Hajek, Susanna Kelm, Maria Lahtinen, Sini Moilanen, Olli Sirén, John Voutila, Emma von Wendt

PREMIER: Vaasa, Finland 2016 (Teater Casa)